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Offices and commercial places have a different setup altogether. The flooring and placement of furniture in offices and commercial properties can at times become a challenge. Commercial properties are not only different in space and size but also house expensive equipment that requires extra care. Commercial business cleaning is more challenging than noncommercial or residential cleaning. One of the major problems in commercial cleaning is time. For businesses, time is of the essence and a top priority . This is the reason that Loma Linda Restoration Commercial Cleaning Services is committed to working as fast as possible to minimize downtime. We make sure that your business is up and running without wasting your valuable time.

We completely understand that business downtime comes at a high price; therefore, we take no time to dispatch our teams as soon as you reach out to us for assistance. Our teams work with you to assess the problems and then estimate the time required to complete the task. We are prepared with the latest equipment technology has to offer . If the situation arises where there is a need for more equipments, we immediately send in the reinforcements and increase work force to speed up the process.

The services we provide for commercial business include the follow:

  • Insurance billing
  • Molds prevention
  • Water damage restoration
  • Dehumidification and drying
  • Odor removal, disinfection and sanitization
  • Cleanup for Category 3 water damage
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Drying of carpet
  • Cleanup from flood damage
  • Water extractions

Latest Equipment and Tools

We use the industry standard equipment , modern technologies and tools and solutions for cleaning purposes. The use of these sophisticated and efficient technologies will ensure that you are back to business immediately after restoration of the space is done.

Remember that any delay in cleaning your place can damage your property beyond repair. Having the proper equipment is vital in water cleanup and in securing the property from severe damages. All of the equipment is used professionally by us to ensure that time is saved. The main difference between Loma Linda Restoration and other service providers is not just having the experience but also in the equipment we use. These professional tools, equipment and methods enableing us to accomplish the job fast er and more effectively.

We have helped numerous businesses in cleaning heavy water damage. Some of them are:

  • Big businesses such as FedEx
  • Small and medium business
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Theaters

Businesses are vulnerable to water damage . A single broken pipe or water from some a storm could affect your commercial property badly. What is more harmful is the amount of time it takes to restore your commercial property back to its glory. Water retention can cause a permanent damage to your business or and it would require a lot of time to recover. Our Loma Linda Restoration Wwater Cclean uUp service is prepared and equipped to thoroughly to deal with all sorts of situations. Our customer service is available 24/7. Call us now to speak with a water damage restoration expert.

Proper Drying & Dehumidification Is Must:

People usually happen to confront water and flood damage with a lot of wreckage stress. when dealing with water damage. Along with stress and the inconvenience that it causes, they usually opt for default steps like looking for reliable company to fetch help them out of this mess. These sSudden and haphazardly taken making decisions that they rush into usually results into them ending up with a dead end. Fortunately for you, that’s not the case because you are smart enough to choose a helping partner wisely. When you chose Loma Linda RestorationFlood Rescue, you don’t have to be concerned about anything as . We are happy to take over your entire burden.

Wait! Read on:

There is a lot more to discover with regards to our supreme and extraordinary service.

People often neglect a primary step after cleaning that which is drying that particular area. However you will not be one of those people because you have made a smart choice by designating us, the Loma Linda Restoration Cleaning Service to oversee your cleaning.

After inspecting and removing all the debris, the affected area though appears to be clean, but in reality it is not . In that case, the next step is to professionally dry that particularthe water affected areas . We don’t want you to thump your forehead if this negligence turns will turn into a real and substantial mess in futureif not handled professionally.

Removal Is Not Enough:

After we are done with the water removal, your walls and floors appear to be dry, but as mentioned above, it’s not actually what it seems to be. PracticallyThis, the first glance is not the final surety of the job being completed

Why Dry After Removal?

Most of the materials used to build condos, houses or villas businesses have tendencies to absorb and seep significant amount water. Materials like wood and drywall always retain water. Consequently, you might happen to check out your walls after sometime because that retained water will turn your wall into an unwanted swell, wrap and most probably it will cause mold damage. Apart from wall and floors, there are carpets and other affected home and business accessories that might need to be dried. Therefore, it’s better not to slack off and neglect tthe long-term risks associated and get the drying process done as pronto fast as possible.


Dehumidification is one of the most important aspects of the water damage cleanup process. You can only imagine how much mess it can turn into if this the dehumidification process is not done properly. Humidification, which can lead to excessive moisture into the air, can turn things extremely inconvenient for you. High humidity has tendency to grow rapidly and spread all over the wall, consequently turning it into a mold. Undoubtedly, it’s going to lead to much bigger problems and may even affect your health.


Possession of the finest equipment holds great importance because these tools or and machines play a vital role in the cleanup process.

Expert Eequipment is one of the multiple reasons,things which makes us unique and special in the industry. This is because our equipment is advanced and of a high grade. For sure, one would not appreciate or even choose a machine that will double your time and mess due to its slow performance. To fix all of your water damages problems along with perfect drying or dehumidification, ask Loma Linda Restoration to step in with their finest machinery.

Below are some of the finest tools that we use for the clean up services:

  • Truck-Mount Water Extraction Machine: This is one of the strongest, most efficient and powerful extraction machines that will clean up all the debris and wasted water of from your house. The best thing about this machine is that it is more powerful than the standard portable unit used for the same purpose. Our machines are more powerful and less time consuming, and they will cut down the time required for the drying process by extracting the maximum possible moisture.
  • Air Movers & Dehumidifiers: Usually there are several kinds of jobs we deal with. Therefore, to cope with any time fluctuating situations, we have acquired a wide range and types of air movers and dehumidifiers. These tools will perform dehumidification to perfection in no time at all.
  • Monitors: Monitors are vital tools because one needs to make sure that everything is on trackall moisture is thoroughly removed to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Therefore, we have acquired sophisticated monitoring tools that we use to keep an eye on the drying process remotely. These tools work as assurance verifiers that everything is in the flow.
  • Hydrosensors & Protometers: These tools are highly advanced and hold great significance. They are used to make sure that your place home or business has been completely dried. Tools like Dri-Eaz, protometers and Hydrosensors are created to measure moisture content. If these tools don’t detect any moisture, it means your place is perfectly dried.

Mold growth is a big risk if neglected in the initial phase, and that’s why it is highly recommended by experts to mitigate water infiltration get it fixed as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, mold growth is more favorable to happen through wet affected areas, which should be dried in order to avoid inconveniencepotentially hazardous problems. Loma Linda Floor RescueRestoration will do it all for you and you don’t even have to worry about the compensation as your insurance company is going to be billed for that. All you are required to do is give us a quick call and let us take care of the rest.


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