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Floods can be triggered by a variety of factors, including a pipe leak or water from a storm. Whatever the reason, flood can cause a lot of damage to your property. The best thing to do is not to delay the water restoration process. Delaying the process increases the chances of more damage to your property, which can leave it beyond restoration. Also, it any wait time would increases the cost of clean up and repair and take more time to cleanmore time is needed for restoration.

We understand how difficult flood restoration and damage cleanup can be for you. The professionals at Loma Linda Restoration know how to best deal with the situation. We are IICRC certified and we are an approved insurance service provider. We understand completely what is required for flood restoration and damage cleanup. We have all the industry standard equipment required to restore your premises. Immediately after you reach out to us for help, our team will be at your doorstep in less than 30 minutes for inspection.

Our team not only use infrared equipment, moisture detection and chemical testing, but we also will supply you with vast knowledge for estimating the damage done by water flooding. Remember, standing water not only pollutes and damages the surrounding, but it also gives life to different types of bacteria and molds. Also standing water can get into electrical systems, making it more hazardous.

The Loma Linda Flood Restoration service is ready to help you out 24/7. Once you call us, our team will reach your premises and provide clear and cut guidance and will advise you on what steps to take. Call us now to avail our services.

Hard Wood Damage

Loma Linda Restoration also provides expert services in restoring and repairing water-damaged hard wooden floorings that may have been flooded by a sink , a pipe leakage, a bathtub overflow or any other type of disaster.

Fortunately for you, even critically damaged wooden flooring can be renewed if the correct techniques and materials are used and if restoration is done professionally. If you face the problem of damage in your hard wood floorings because of water, it is extremely important to take some actions to prevent the moisture from marinating into the sub-floor and wooden flooring, triggering the risk of possible cavities and warping growth.

  • Advantages to hardwood flooring restoration and refinishing
  • It is affordable and you don’t need to tear your floor out
  • Faster recovery following a disaster
  • Prevention of any further damage or mold
  • Preservation of historical and unique wooden flooring

Moisture and water are the biggest enemies of wooden flooring

A wooden floor can also seep moisture in small amounts that came from wet shoes or spilled drinks; however, absolute and extended water absorption occurs from plumbing leaks, severe storms and flooding. These factors can terribly damage wooden flooring.

Flooring boards can buckle and cool while finishing the finish of the floor can be damaged badly. Unless absolute dehydration can be carried out urgently, mold can yield hold on the floor and even under the wood.

Even if it appears like the damage is not so big, it’s best to contact a restoration expert to make certain that all water has been removed and that the area is absolutely dry.

If the damage is extensive and should the need arise, we can replace the wooden flooring boards with the new ones that will be similar to your previous floor. We can even alter damaged stud and sheeting under the wooded floor if required. The last step of applying the new flooring finish can be completed to your specifications.

How our team works

The following steps should be adopted to completely repair the hardwood floor that is damaged by water. Our professionals follow these steps to restore your wooden flowinghard wood floowing. Depending on the extent of damage , this process may take some time, and can require a lot of work combined with the use of the right set tools and expertise.

Look for the place where the water is coming from and stop it as soon as possible or get professional help. Make sure you do not fool yourself into thinking that the problem of the water leakage is handled when in reality it is far from being handled. If ignored, the repairing repair costs can become steeper, so calling an expert for a professional opinion is advisable.

The area should be dried from both upper and lower ground by using an effective method. This necessitates the use of tools like dehumidifiers, air movers, and other equipment. See if you have dried the wet area completely with the help of EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) on floor. The restoration professional from Lake Elsinore Restoration will be there for the inspection and he will have an electronic moisture meter for this. Along with photographic documentation, you should also keep a record of the days and dates of the wet and the dry areas of the floor. Before taking any further steps in repairing your floor one should make sure that the surface underneath and on the top is completely dry. The Lake Elsinore Restoration water damage professional will look for signs of formation of black mold and take intrusive steps to annihilate it due to its potential health threat to people. Also, if you have a carpet on the floor, our expert technicians will inspect it to ensure water has not infiltrated this area too.

In some situations, some of the planks of the hard wood floor may need to be removed to release the tension of swelling of the wood that was affected by water. The stress leads to crowning and cupping of the hardwood planks and these must be scraped down if the removal of moisture is deficient to bring them back in shape.

Is the hardwood flooring damage by water covered by insurance?

In cases where the damage is broad enough for making a claim, and even if you are not so sure about claiming, it is very important to document all your analysis of the hardwood flooring water accident from the very first time it came in your sight. This will really help in showing the damage to the insurance inspector and save you from incurring unnecessary costs.


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